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SAP EHS End user document / process flow and content

Can any one please share detail document of any end user manual and process flow of SAP EHS.

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2 Answers

  • Posted on Jan 12, 2016 at 06:25 AM

    Hi Santosh,

    Is it possible you to send step by step document for SAP PP&QM, It is not possible right...The thing is SAP EHS is big thing.. so you through different threads to get is not possible to explain in one document or thread.

    Just follow thread which was posted by experts like CB & Pavan, Balaji



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    • Hello

      as explained by others: EHS is a big term. May be check: Best practices for Chemicals included SAP EH&S Configuration guide

      to get some idea rgarding configuration etc.

      And the SAP Onlinehelp to get an idea about the components (which have ben listed here on "very" high level.

      The structure of SAP EHS is not the same like SAP PP or SAP QM. Based on industry etc. some "subcomponents" are more interesting as others. And as stated in the document as embedded:

      In our days "EHS" is not a "good" term. In most cases SAP EHS as a term can be mapped to the term used by SAP as: "SAP EHS Management as Part of SAP ERP" (nobody used this "lengthy" text).

      But pay attention with the terms (as well explained in the document). EHSM is used as well as a term (having "multiple" potential meanings).

      The documents stated tries to collect links to threads as:

      a.) how to start an EHS project?

      b.) which knowlegde is needed to start an EHS career

      c.) and many other similar stuff

      Without any kind of idea regarding "legislation" stuff (legislation in the area of chemcials etc.) you will not understand SAP EHS (and some structures inside)

      Pay attention as well on the fact that based on SAP release the content of SAP EHS is different


  • Posted on Jan 12, 2016 at 05:33 AM


    Functions of SAP Environmental Health and Safety

    The SAP EHS function is comprised of a number of components. These include the following:

    • Basic Data and Tools - This component contains all the data and functions required for the other EHS components. In this component it is possible to manage specifications for EHS objects such as substances, dangerous goods classifications, agents, waste codes, and packaging. Companies can also maintain necessary phrases and create templates for EHS reports.
    • Product Safety - This component allows the management of hazardous substances. It is possible to manage EHS data and reports such as material safety data sheets (MSDS), and create relevant labels.
    • Hazardous Substance Management - This component allows a company to manage hazardous substances that are used in production. The component has functionality that allows the creation of reports required by the US Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA).
    • Dangerous Goods Management - This allows you to manage dangerous goods master records, run dangerous goods checks, and create dangerous goods documents.
    • Waste Management - This component allows the management of waste disposal processes, create the reports necessary for transportation and disposal of waste, and distribute the resulting costs amongst the cost centers in the company that generated the waste.
    • Occupational Health - This functionality allows the planning and performing health surveillance protocols in the company, and to create and manage occupational health questionnaires.
    • Industrial Hygiene and Safety - This component allows the management of industrial hygiene and safety in a company and manage any hazards and agents. In addition, it allows a company to process events with or without injury to persons and create reports, such as standard operating procedures and relevant accident do yreports.

    And why you need this end user manual are you using SAP EHS now is it implemented in your organization or do u want learn SAP EHS.

    I didn't understood your question fully. Please explain it clearly what exactly your looking for.

    Check this link i may get some idea.

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    • hi satya,

      Basically I am a SAP PP QM consultant and have been asked to get well aware of the topics of SAP EHS .That is the reason wanted to learn SAP EHS as per the requirement.Can you please send the step by step document of SAP EHS process flow .