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Former Member
Jan 11, 2016 at 11:07 AM

Note (Textcollection) in Modal Dialog is not editable


Dear SAP Cloud Experts,

I have created a modal dialog with the reusable singletextedit-note control in its pane area for my custom UI. The modal dialog opens when clicking on a button. But unfortunately, the note is not editable. No error messages appear.

I used the proper fitting texttype code and bound my Textcollection data element to the reusable UI. It works everywhere else but not in the modal dialog. Maybe you made a similiar experience.

The same issue (not editable) also occurs when using OVS in a modal dialog, but only when the model dialog is called in th OWL-UI. In the Thing Inspector it works like a charm.

Thank you for your assistance!

Best regards,