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Jan 11, 2016 at 10:39 AM

Is it possible to install Crystal Reports for VS via Click Once now?



We have been using Crystal Reports for Visual Studio for a long long time. Our application is installed at client machines with limited user right through ClickOnce since 2008. Back then, it wasn't possible to install Crystal Report via Click Once, so we had to preinstall CR with admin rights.

Soon, we will not have that ability anymore. So how will we be able to install Crystal Reports then? Can it be installed through ClickOnce inside our application, or second best, is it possible to install CR as a stand alone ClickOnce application before our application is installed (like having two links on our deployment web site, one to install CR, and one to install our application after that)?

There are a lot of questions about installing CR out there, but many of the answers are quite old (saying it can't be done). Can it be done nowadays?

Right now, we are targeting .NET 3.5 and CR for VS 13.0.3, but we would be happy to upgrade to .NET Framework 4/4.5 and CR for VS 13.0.15. Our reports are fed data through stored procedures and typed DataSets, if that is relevant information.

Thanks for any answers, help or input.