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Jan 11, 2016 at 10:03 AM

Create backup list multi tenant data base



I want to know how is it possible to delete expired backup’s from a multi-tenant database. I found a threat where is described how the backups are deleted older than x days.

The SQL statement there is:

SELECT TOP 1 min(to_bigint(BACKUP_ID)) FROM SYS.M_BACKUP_CATALOG where SYS_START_TIME >= ADD_DAYS(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, -5) and ENTRY_TYPE_NAME = 'complete data backup' and STATE_NAME = 'successful'

This example is working for single HANA databases but not for a specific Tenant database. The created backup’s are logged in the table “PUBLIC"."M_BACKUP_CATALOG". In this table there is a column “SYSTEM_ID”. I suppose that this column must contain the SID of the Tenant but this column in empty.

So how could I get a list of backups for a certain Tenant database?

Kind regards,

Richard Meijn