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Feb 17, 2006 at 03:14 PM

Nav. Attr and Char



I have two chars A and B. B is an attribute of A. I need to report on these two chars w.r.t some KFs.

I have 2 scenarios.

1. Make B also a char of Cube and get it in update rules

2. Make B Nav. Attr and use in reporting.

I know Option 1 would be good in terms of performance as there are lot of reporting requirements on both these chars.

The problem is there is one reporting requirment where B has to be reported as Nav. Attr as the calculations are based on sum of set of values of A.



For above records in Cube I need

B = 100 + X (for X > -100)

B = 100 (for X < -100)

I can achieve this my making B both as char in cube as well as nav. attr of A. What would be the performance related issue and will there be any other issues. There are millions of such records