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Jan 08, 2016 at 04:02 PM

Passing a table with dynamic type to generated FM


Hi Great Gurus of ABAP!!!

I am trying to find a way to define an internal table with a dynamic type to allow me to pass this table to a generated FM.

In fact, I am working on BW and using SOAP datasource. I built an ABAP report allowing the end user to load the delta queue from a flat file (so using an ABAP interface).

The situation is the following: SAP Generates itself the FM on each and every environment and generate a structure with a different name each time.

I am using this structure to create my internal table selecting the name of this structure from ROOSOURCE table.

As a consequence, the type of my internal table (actually Field Symbols) is dynamic.

I am able to get my data into this table but when I want to call the generated function module I can't because I do not have a table with the same type defined in the Function module.

How can I solve my problem???

Thanks a lot!!