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Jan 06, 2016 at 04:39 PM

EPM Editor retrieving wrong dimension property data



We just patched our SAP BW system to BW 7.30 SPS 14.

The BPC component running on top of BW has been updated to BPC 10.0 SPS19.

(I am the sap basis guy )

Both DEV and QAS systems have ben patched.

But we discovered some blocking issues preventing us to patch the production system :

Several reports (input schedule) were no longer retrieveing any data : without any error at all ...

The exact same reports retreive data from production.

We then patched the EPM Solution Add-in to the latest version SP 24,still the same issue.

After investigation it turns out that the problem lies at the EPM Editor level, when doing filtering of the dimension properties,

the wrong data, or no data at all is displayed.

We checked both the BPC Administration console, and the values of the dimensions, they are correct.

We checked the values of the Dimesions ate the BW level (Rsa1, display data) the data is here, in synch with BPC.

We obviously deleted the metadata cache id not work, we ran the report UJA_REFRESH_DIM_CACHE, it did not work

UJA_REFRESH_DIM did not work either

We even deleted manualy the metadata subdirectory on the client frontend, did not work.

We only found one working woraround : in the BPC Admin Console create a dummy entry in the dimension, then delete it, it will force

a dimension processing , afterwards, the data is correctly retrieved from the EPM Editor, and correctly retirved in the reports.

Obviously this workaround is not a solution.

We could not figure out what is wrong.

Any idea ?

Thank you for your attention