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Jan 06, 2016 at 11:41 AM

Transfering material to material on same plant, but different quantity needed


Hi all.

I guess this is a strange request, but I'll have a go anyway.

Material A is bought from vendor and sold in BX in plant 1 (which is the base unit).

Material A is delivered to plant 2 with STO, but their customers are not interested in this sales unit.

Material B was created for this purpose, so after GR of the STO, they have used movement 551 on 1 BX of A, and 552 to get 10 EA of B.

Now we're consolidating plant 1 and 2, but still need to sell these products separately.

Plant 1 is much larger and handles a lot of transactions; and the "manual" and time-consuming 551/552-solution will in practice be a pain in the ass, as a quite considerable amount of products use this logic.

I'm hoping to get some input on how to deal with this scenario from you folks 😊

We have considered the following:

- Alternative sales units

This is probably the number one solution and I guess many of you would suggest this, but unfortunately, the WMS in plant 1 is external and handled through idocs. There's some problems with handling this solution in the systems, and alternative sales units will also be somewhat frustrating to handle for the warehouse in practice (expecting more picking errors etc). The absolute main part of the sales is in BX ( = 10 pieces), but some customers obviously can't handle these amounts.

- Material to material movements

We have set up the 309 movement to be handled in both systems earlier; the transfer order will be read in the WMS to create both a picking request and a goods receipt, and the TO gets confirmed when GR is done. But 309 handles only the transfer on a 1-to-1 basis as I understand it, so there's no way to get 1 of material A to get 10 of material B in this way.

- Purchase order

We're thinking the purchasing department should handle this, but not sure how. They will never actually purchase material B from the vendor, but adding a safety stock on it, at least a requisition is triggered, so they know something needs to be done, ie. "scrap mat A, re-scrap mat B".

I'm immediately thinking; is there a possibility to make an STO with supplying plant 1, to be delivered to plant 1?

So, making only item 1 of the STO as picking-relevant ( = pick 1 BX of material A), and making item 2 of the STO only GR-relevant ( = GR 10 EA of material B), somehow?


Would love to hear your comments on this scenario!