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Jan 06, 2016 at 09:30 AM

Notification on creation issue


Hello experts and best wishes for this new year 😊

We're facing an issue on IDM 8.0 and we'd realy appreciate some help on it.

Our workflow is as follow:

- a BR is assigned to a user

- After approvals, the request is send to GRC

- if there is no risk, privileges are provisioned to the target application.

In standard, notification for account creation are send to the user before the check in GRC. For some reasons, if privileges are not approved in GRC the notification is still send even though the user has no role in the target application.

What my customer wants is to have this notification at the end of the workflow, once the first privilege is provisioned.

the problem is that I receive several emails if several privileges are provisioned in parallel (one per privilege).

Is there a solution in order to send only one email?

Thanks a lot,