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Jan 06, 2016 at 03:21 AM

Updates in Approval Procedure


Hi Experts,

I have question regarding to the update of column ObjType in the table OWDD. Basically when a user wants to add an Outgoing Payment, that user will need to gain approval from the earlier specified approver in Approval Procedure. So after the user first click on the 'Add' button in Outgoing Payment, the system will tell the user the document will be sent for approving and a draft document will be created. At this moment, the ObjType for this draft document is 140. After the draft document has been approved and user adds the document, the ObjType shall be updated to 46 instead of 140. However, it occurs to me that the ObjType does not update to 46 and it remains as 140 after the draft document has been added into the system. Does anyone has any idea why does this happens?