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Jan 05, 2016 at 06:49 PM

What is needed and what costs for MSDS authoring, linked to B1


Good Morning,

We are presently in the process of getting a SAP B1 implementation into place, combining with a chemical/process industry add on. One of the elements which is yet to be fully discussed is the need for safety data sheet production. At this time, we have a standalone system into which we enter our chemical formula/recipe, together with physical parameters and the system then produces a hazard classification, transport classification, label information and safety data sheet. The system is functional but will not talk to B1, which is a big negative as the whole point of the B1 system is to bring independent systems together.

I have done a bit of reading but am yet uncertain as to how the EHS system and associated 'things' help me. Within the process manufacturing add on which we use, we will be able to define hazard info and attach MSDS, so that we can track and produce labels. However, this still leaves us having to modify both the SAP and H&S system, every time a change is made. So can anyone give me a very quick lowdown on what, under the SAP banner, we can use to not only manage the MSDS, but to create them?

I have seen some info about cloud solutions along these lines and they seem to be a case of our producing the recipes and physical data and then someone else creating the MSDS and then sending it back. However, I have no idea at all about the costs and whether it is remotely viable.

I would appreciate any assistance so that I can have some facts under my belt when we address this properly, with our software partners.

Many thanks