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Jan 05, 2016 at 04:38 PM

ITS Mobile Screen Sizing: Motorola MC9090


Hello All,

I've seen many posts about this topic and haven't been able to get an exact answer. I have built a few custom transactions and have some standard SAP transactions of format 16x20ITS/16x20. These look great in SAP GUI, but when generating templates for them using "Mobile Devices (No HTML tables)" generating style, they look vastly different and are requiring me to scroll on the RF device. Ultimately, I would like to adjust the individual HTML screens to allow them to properly fit the device. Below are the options I've seen, and the questions I have with each option. If you have any insight on the subject, please advise. Scrolling on an RF gun isn't a viable solution.

  1. ITS Mobile Visual Editor. This looks to be the exact solution to my issue, but according to SNOTE 1818662, it requires a SP upgrade. As this can be a tedious process at my company, we are looking to this as a last resort. We are currently running ECC EHP5. SAP_BASIS: SAPKB70209. (Reference: ITSmobile Visual Editor - Wiki - SCN Wiki ). Is it possible to use the ITS Mobile Visual Editor without a support pack upgrade?
  2. Change the MOBILE.CSS style sheet. This also would be a good solution. I've copied MOBILE.CSS from ITSMOBILE to my Z_Service with a difference name. I've added ~itsmobileCssInclude to my gui configuration to point to my new .css file. I plan on re-generating all my templates. The problem is, I don't know where in this file to "hard code" the width and height of the screen. (Reference: ). Where in this file can I adjust the total height and width?
  3. 16x20ITS Screen Size: I've performed this and have had mixed results with the standard SAP delivered transactions. This doesn't help the custom transactions (Reference: ).
  4. I've also changed the ~ITSMOBILEUNITS to PX and tested. I know this changes the width, but does nothing with the height.

GUI Configuration: