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Jan 05, 2016 at 11:49 AM

MSSQL driver installation on SAP HANA One


Heyho and a happy new year!

I set up a SAP HANA One instance last year and updated it straight away to SPS10 as provided. Afterwards I tried to connect to a MSSQL database with Smart Data Access. According to the Administration Guideline I have to install unixODBC and the MSSQL driver.

But while trying to install the unixODBC driver I recevie a compiler error which says that the gcc compiler wasn't found in the PATH. I searched for the library on the SAP HANA One system but didn't find any valid library for installing unixODBC. Neverthelesse installing the gcc driver failed with several attempts (the entire library is to big for the small HANA One 64GB, etc.) Does anyone have any idea how I can setup unixODBC? I can't think that they removed the gcc compiler with SPS10 and in prior releases (SPS8/9) it is still available?