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Feb 17, 2006 at 09:10 AM

Help: need to change behaviour of rnd:displayname(contentLink)



I have something like rnd:iconrnd:displayname(contentlink)rnd:action, rnd:description in property columns for a given collection renderer.

For external URL links defined in KM I want to replace the host name with an alias and then let flexui replace the alias with the actual host name defined in systems landscape before rendering the final URL link.

i.e. something like this:

external url in KM = http://%google%/index.html

system definition: alias=google, host, protocol=http

rendered URL Link:

I need to change the behaviour of the inner contentLink globally. This modifier currently creates a URL link to the target resource around the name.

I need to change the way contentLink creates/parses the URL link if the resource is an external URL but leave all the other behaviours the same (i.e. local links, links to KM contents etc).

Where is the right place to make this change? I have seen that the name is rendered by PropertyRendererDisplayName but I can't figure out how/where the URL link is elaborated and attached to the text.

Thanks in advance

Vitaliano Trecca

Whirlpool Corporation