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Jan 05, 2016 at 08:24 AM

VSF consumption - forecast



For one article/ material I changed in the Planned indep reqmts the consumption indicator from 1 to 3.

After creating a delivery based on an intercompany PO

MD73 is showing the 40 pcs which we delivered as being withdrawn.

If we have the following scenario:

  • The Company has a forecast from the customer.
  • The delivering plant is Company SRL (on behalf of Company2).
  • The forecast is entered by SRL for plant 1010.

Currently the problem we are facing is that whenever we deliver based on the above scenario, the system is telling us to replenish the qty we delivered, not considering the intercompany deliveries, but only the ones made based on direct orders from customers (SO).

Could changing the consumption indicator to 3 be a solution for the system to withdraw these quantities from the forecast as well?

Is there anything else we need to change?

Would we have to do this manually for each line of the forecast?

Would this affect something else

Thank you


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