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Jan 05, 2016 at 03:28 AM

MIGO - Return delivery to vendor - Accounting entry is wrong - Movement type _ 122


Hi Guys,

I have an issue and need your help.

User has created a PO - 1000 Qty, MIGO done for 1000 Qty.

MIRO done for 950 Qty,

User has done Return delivery to the vendor by using MIGO transaction code with movement type - 122 for the difference Qty - 50.

Now Stock overview appears ZERO but Accounting entry was wrong. Accounting entry was generated as shown below

86 GR/IR clearing (DR) 10530.70 USD

96 Price diff (CR) 10530.70 USD

but correct should be as shown as below

99 Inventory (CR) 10530.70- USD

86 GR/IR clearing (DR) 10530.70 USD

I have already replicated the same (as it is ) scenario in DEV system, accounting entry was correct.

Please help what could be the reasons for wrong accounting entry.

Thanks in advance.