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Jan 05, 2016 at 12:29 AM

Web Dynpro iview - Use dynamic parameter rather than Application parameter


All, To fix another issue, I must change from Generic Application Integrator iview I have ben using, to a Web Dynpro iview created from remote source.

In current iview, I am passing sap-language and also the screen id as dynamic parameters whose value comes in on the URL to the SAP portal. and then is passed to back end system.

Using new iview, we have made that work successfully with the screen id, as the web dynpro application did not automatically include that as an application parameter.

but for the language, the iview that was "created" from the source is already including language parameter, and so, even though it will pass the one I put in as dynamic, since it is the second value, it does not use it. (We see if listed twice in the Fiddler trace.)

How can I tell it not to pass the application parameter it has or derives some how, and instead to pass what I give it.

we have tried putting the field in the property of the iview: Do Not Forward These Parameters to Web Dynpro but it still did not work. but perhaps we did not enter it in correctly.

our portal is NW 7.4

Ruth Jones