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Jan 04, 2016 at 11:56 PM

Printing Labels Upon Saving in HUPAST


Hi experts,

I would like to print labels upon saving in the HUPAST transaction. I am using three packing stations but the labels are not printed on the correct printer. The saving procedure does not take in consideration the printing profile stored in the packing station parameters. Instead, the labels are printed on the printer defined in the Output Control in NACR.

I configured the printing profiles in PPPRO, PRPHU and HUPAST_C but it does not seems to take these parameters in consideration.

When I print via the PRINT_HU button everything works fine and print on the printer linked to the packing station.

I also tried to figure out how the FM WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE works but I am not sure if any coding has to be enhanced or not.

Can you, please, suggest any solution? If some coding has to be made, thank you for providing an example.

Thank you in advance,