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Jan 04, 2016 at 05:46 PM

Direct (Third Party) Orders /GR-IR Accounting


My requirement is for third party (direct ) purchase orders ..We are doing movement type 103 for third party orders and later doing 104 movement type.At the time of 103 movement type we like to hit a GR/IR direct.Based on our current configuration it's hitting GR/IR account (WRX Transaction key ).

When we are doing customer billing for corresponding sales order for that PO it's hitting GR/IR direct. At the time of 103 we like to hit the same GR/IR direct account. I understand that we can do above using user exit but since it behaves as a real GR/IR account it's going to MR11 which we don't want for our third party direct orders.

We don't want same GR/IR account getting hit for direct orders which we hit for our warehouse orders (NB type). We like to keep direct orders hitting in different accounts for accounting purpose .