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Jan 04, 2016 at 11:52 AM

Disappearing Content in UI5 Kapsel App


Hello there,

first a happy new year to all!

We are experiencing a real funny behaviour in an UI5 Kapsel app: a dialog is brought up where users can perform several actions (write comments, report worktime and set status via radiobuttons). As long as the user taps on input fields or radiobuttons everything works fine. But when the user taps into an empty area of the dialog, the content disappears (see screenshots). This "feature" only happens on Android devices with Android 4.4.2. With Android version 5.1.1 this issue doesn't happen but we can't upgrade our devices to Android 5.1.1. right now due to our security policy.

- Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7" (Android 4.4.2)

- UI5 Core Version 1.32.8

- built on Cordova 5.1.1

- the XML source of dialog is swapped to a fragment

We don't see any error neither in the console (e.g. Google Chrome) nor in the debugger and no network activity is raised.

Does anybody have an idea how we could figure what the cause of this strange behaviour is?

Best regards,



Screenshot_02.jpg (98.8 kB)
Screenshot_01.jpg (112.8 kB)