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Jan 04, 2016 at 10:53 AM

Any function module to get the Material Quality inspection details.



I need a small information from your side.After adding the Purchase Request, then Purchase Order then Migo , then based upon the Quality characteristics, Inspection lot will be created then, At Qa32 we are doing the Usage decision .

Now i need to Get the Usage decision of the particular lot Details. Is there any function module Inspection lot wise. How much of quantity we blocked and rejected and scraped.

Table i know i can get the details from QALS. But i need Function module . Because various ways we can inspect the lot.

Suppose in Qa32 out Of 250 quantity 150 i moved to blocked. After blocked by using other movement type we can move the data to other types also.

May main goal is GR Quantity 250 . Quality completed 150 , Quality need to inspect 100.

i would like to get 100 Quantity Details Please inform me any function module exists.

I checked below ones but not working.