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Jan 01, 2016 at 09:41 PM

Clearing data in dw


Hopefully I am in the right spot. I know for sure if I do a dw.reset() in a dw I clear all data and if I do dw.retrieve() I get fresh data back into the dw.

Here's my problem. I error out of a record if there is a problem while saving a record; resets the dw and do retrieve to get back the old record for display. Somehow there is field which is from another table (part of the dw) which does not lose it's data. No matter what I do if I do re-retrieve I get the new data while all the other updated fields from the updateable table give me the original data. I thought doing the re-retrieve will re-freshen my dw. I have even gone to extent of setting that field to the old record and saving which works fine but as soon as do a re-retrieve I get the new data which I don't need. It's only when I log off completely from the application and log back in do I get the old data back. I know this is a long winded way to present problem but I thought I could just do a reset and retrieve and get rid of all the bad data if there is an error. Any help? I am using PB 12.1 and DB2