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Dec 31, 2015 at 12:23 PM

OOPS ALV: CHECK_CHANGED_DATA is not capturing latest screen values


Hi All,

I went through multiple threads on SCN to get solution for this issue but couldn't succeed.

1. Solution Didn't work

2 .Solution Didn't work

ALV functionality using OOPS - Code Gallery - SCN Wiki

3. Solution Didn't work

Editable ALV -- OO -- Changed data capture | SCN

ER_DATA_CHANGED->MODIFY_CELL for event DATA_CHANGED is working fine and showing recent values on screen.

But when I press save, internal table which I used in SET_TABLE_FOR_FIRST_DISPLAY is not showing recent/ updated values on screen in PAI.

I checked content of IT_OUT after exciting this method GO_CL_GUI_ALV_GRID->CHECK_CHANGED_DATA. But it has old values.

Any idea why this is happening. Please suggest in case I am missing anything.