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Filter does not work with more than one value

Hi All,

I have a "Parent" star join calc view that union 13 different "Child" calc views, each one of the child cala view is calculate different values of the same dimension, the final result is one view that combinstar-join-view.jpge all calculations.

Instead, I use filter to prevent a child view from execute when not selected, the problem is that when filtering on more then one value, it does not filter.

This works and executeonlywhen the user choose 1: if (in("MEASURE_CODE" ,1),1,0) , MEASURE_CODE is the dimension the user select in the report.

This works is executingall the time, regardless user selection: if (in("MEASURE_CODE" ,1,2),1,0)

I also tried to use union pruning for that but I face a long compilation time and also the pruning does not work, the view execute all the time regardless user selection.

HANA version



star-join-view.jpg (180.5 kB)
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  • Please provide some insight into your source data structure. At first sight it looks like you're trying to use the STAR JOIN to operate on a EAV data model or something similar.

  • Hi Lars,

    What you mean by EVA?

    the model contain 13 Calac views with different calclations and business rules, combile in to one star join.



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