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Feb 17, 2006 at 04:56 AM

Problems with loading hierarchies



we are in the situation, that ERP 2005 and BI run on the same instance - just on different clients.

When trying to load the costcenter hierarchy from the source system (3.x datasource and infopackage) into the masterdata table for hierarchies, the loading process

terminates: The log says, that records have been sent from the OLTP system (client), but they never arrive in the BW system (client).

There might be some hints in the log:

1) Idocs are in the ALE outbox of the OLTP system, but the ALE inbox of the OLTP-system is empty

2) A (red) error message which says, that I must not work in the <BW>-client.

What could be the bug? ALE-Customizing (WE20, WE21) has been checked.