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Dec 30, 2015 at 05:49 AM

Issue - Logical system name changed,see oss note 588701


Hello Experts,

We have an issue in ECC system

>> outboundque smq1 ,>> in that ques status are showing as SYSFAIL, and the information is '""""logical system name changed,see oss note 588701""",

In the note the resolution is mentioned below, but not sure where to correct, change logical system name / or make any entry. Please advise.


There are different cases in which different forms of processing are required or where several options exist:

  • The logical system name of an R/3 Backend client was changed in current operation. In this case, the data hangs in the outbound queues of the R/3 Backend system as specified under point 1 of the symptom. In this case, the logical system name must be changed back to the original value. Then the outbound queues can be reactivated. If no data was transferred to the EBP/CRM server before the change, also a correctioin of the check table is possible.
  • The same logical system name was used again in a new client of an R/3 Backend system that was linked to the EBP/CRM server. In this case, the data is in the inbound queue of the EBP/CRM server with the exception GUID_FOR_LOGSYS_CHANGED. In this case, the queue entries which have status SYSFAIL must be rejected, however, not the entire queues. If the new client of the R/3 Backend system you have linked has exactly the same data as the old client and if it is meant to replace the old client (that is, this was deactivated), also a correction of the check tables is possible. In this case, the inbound queues can be reactivated after the correction.

Appreciate your response.

Thanks and Regards