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Dec 29, 2015 at 09:00 PM

Web Service with complex schema


I can't find any information on how to handle complex schemas in a web service call from Data Services. We have a 3rd party web service to call that contains over 300 complex types to get the next available appointment. When manually sending a request, we can leave off most of the schema with no issues. We have a requirement now to make that call first thing each morning for all areas and several key services to gather stats on how far in the future the next available appts are.

This seems like a easy thing for DS to handle, except that I get nothing but errors on the multi level schema. How do I go about getting a multi level complex schema (XSD) down from 300 parameters to just the 20 needed to make the web service call not fail? I have only read access to the WSDL and my table is just 20 fields with about 300 records (the combinations of areas, services, and timeframes). Please point me in the right direction.