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Dec 29, 2015 at 04:44 PM

Native Android Offline App - Flush is failing


Dear Experts,

We have developed "Native Android Online/Offline App", in SMP3.0 SP09 PL04 Server. The Online is working fine (CRUD), also in Offline "Read" is populating all the data sets correctly, as showing in Online, but for the "Create/Update" it (Offline) is failing. So this shows that "Offline Store" is creating, "Refresh" is also working correctly, but "Flush" is leading to exception. The debug output of "Offline Flush" is as follows:

AgencyOfflineErrorListener::offlineStoreRequestFailed()::offlineStoreRequestFailed() Unknown network response error occured

I followed the template suggested by Claudia Pacheco's blog to develop this app:

Getting Started with the Offline Store for Android

After looking at various threads, it looks like that I need to pass few more parameters... i.e.

options.extraStreamParms = "custom_header=Authorization:Basic " + ";custom_header=X-SMP-APPCID:" + Globales.getappCID() + ";";

options.customHeaders.put("X-SMP-APPCID", appConnID);

However, I did the changes suggested above, but still getting the same error. Probably I am missing something. Could anyone of you guide to resolve the problem or suggest the correct ways to pass "extraStreaParms".

However the in SMP Cockpit details are as follows:

I really appreciate your help.


Warm Regards



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