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Dec 29, 2015 at 01:26 PM

Retro Diff Deduction


Dear All,

Here Incentive is given to the Workmen. The wage type is entered in infotype 15 as base. As per attendance of employee incentive given to them.

When Dec'15 salary runned his incentive become (-110). Then I saw in result table /551 is creating (-400) in the month, which may be for One wage type also generated P,tax base (-400) of Sep'15, which is C/F to this Dec'15 month and deducted from incentive whih we calculated manuaally should be 290. Then we assume (-400-290= -110) . But User saying P.Tax is already deduted in Aug'15. Here PF deduction is twice in a year. Once in Aug'15 and then Jan'15. So, they are asking if it is like this why not deducted in Sep'15. why deduction is going on Dec'15 and already deducted amount for in Aug, Justify. I am not able to understand. Kindly guide to know why system is generating diff retro amount for (-400).