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Dec 29, 2015 at 09:29 AM

DB2 10.5 Converting table spaces to use automatic storage



I will be upgrading to db2 v10.5 from v9.5 . The upgrade path will be v9.5 to v9.7 and to v10.5

I need to convert the DMS tablespaces to use automatic storage.

As per the documentation , I need to do the following steps

1> enable the database to use automatic storage with the 'ALTER DATABASE' statement

2> For each tablespace:

Issue the ALTER TABLESPACE statement, specifying the MANAGED BY AUTOMATIC STORAGE clause

3> Issue the ALTER TABLESPACE statement again, this time specifying the REBALANCE option

My database is 4TB. The 2-hop upgrade needs to be done in minimal time

There will not be sufficient time to rebalance every tablespace in the database.

my questions :

> Can the upgraded database be released for use while rebalance is running ?

> Do I need to convert all the tablespaces at once ? or can the database operate with a mix of DMS + autostorage tablespaces

> Is it necessary to have seperate storage paths for data and index tablespaces ?