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Dec 28, 2015 at 04:32 PM

Limited result from OLE DB-connection



I am running a BO4.0 and I have a problem that my Ole Db connection (created in Information Design Tool) to a MS SqlServer 2012 only gives med 5000 rows.

I remember there was an explicit possibility to set the number of rows (or was that only for odbc?)

I have a poor reportdatasource not very well modeled. There is not to many rows to handle, about 4000 rows per month, and I would like to look at a resultset on some months. (when I run the query in Management Studio I get the whole expected dataset)

I guess its my OleDB-Connection that is the problem.

In what way should modify it to lets it give me more than 5000 rows. Whats is best practice when setting up a connection regarding "Array Fetch Size" and "Array Bind Size"?