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Feb 16, 2006 at 08:40 PM

Urgent Enhancement for Catalog Options!!!


hello gurus,

I recently got an enhancement which is for Catalog Options. We are working on SRM 5.0 System. I haven't dealt with CCM before and I would like to know the process for it.

I need to create a CSV file. I got a list of the fields like /CCM/ORDER_UNIT, /CCM/PRICE, /CCM/PRODUCT_GROUP and some others. I am told to get these fields out of table: MARA. I will be doing an extract from R/3. The material types used are: HAWA and NLAG and I'll be loading the deltas.

In addition to these fields, I also need a few where the values will be generated programatically. For example, there should be a PICTURE field where the value is a fixed URL, followed by the material ID, followed by a ".jpg" something like this:

And the Category ID which will be of the form material ID followed by a "#" and a string that will be given by the Functional person, something like this: xyzpdq#ccsd06

Pleasee gurus, can anyone explain to me the process and how to go about doing it.

I will really appreciate it.