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Dec 28, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Smart Data Access : virtual table on top of remote calculation view



I'm part of SAP Global IT and we are trying to establish a Smart Data Access connection between 1 HANA system and 1 HANA BW Corporate system.

The SDA connectivity is working fine and we are able to import tables as virtual tables. Nevertheless we are facing 2 issues :

* The list of schema is quite long and we reach the limit of objects. We get the error message : 'Remote objects limit (1000) reached'. is it possible to extend the limit like it is possible for table list via preferences > SAP HANA > Runtime > Catalog ?

* We would like to create a virtual table on top of Calculation view. The CL is materialized as a column view in the _SYS_BIC Schema. We tried to create the virtual table using SQL statment:


Here we get this error message:

Could not execute 'CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE "CORP_PUBLIC"."TEST2" AT ...' in 328 ms 182 µs . SAP DBTech JDBC: [476]: invalid remote object name: Unable to retrieve remote metadata for _SYS_BIC.corp.adrm.reporting/CL_ADRM_FORECAST_TEMPLATE_HISTORY: line 0 col 0 (at pos 0)

the technical user used by SDA has the authorization to perform a data preview on the calculation view on the remote system.

We also tested this same statement but with a table instead of a calculation view:


This is working fine on our system so we assume the issue is related to the fact that we are trying to create a virtual table based on a calc view. Do we need additional authorization for metadata (SYS_BI) ?

We also tested to create a virtual table based on a calc view in another private system and it’s possible. So maybe here the issue is related to authorizations.

We have HANA 102.01 on both sides

Could you please help us ?