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Dec 28, 2015 at 05:57 AM

More than a lakh messages in scheduled status in PO PROD


Hello everyone,

I have lots of messages in the PO PROD system in scheduled status. My PO system was up from last Jan and it was working fine till Dec 25th. Even now the messages that are sent to PO from third party systems like AS2 and JDBC are successfully processed in PO and sent to ECC system. There is no delay in those interfaces.

However when the flow is from ECC --- PO ----- AS2/JDBC. The messages are in scheduled status. The messages that are processed by AS2 receiver adapter and JDBC receiver adapter goes to scheduled status.

I have around 9 ECC - PO - AS2 scenarios, and I used different CC for each senario. So shouldn't it work as they are all using different receiver AS2 communication channels?

And in JDBC, I have many interfaces. There is one interface that processes a lot of messages. I am using a seperate com channel, JDBC Receiver for that. I am using a JDBC Receiver CC for around eight interfaces and I am using another JDBC receiver channel for another six interfaces.

Altogether I have five JDBC Communication Channels in the system. Three CCs are for seperate interfaces and two CCs are shared by many interfaces.

In Message Mapping if I select a message under the Receiver Interface, I see the Sender interface name. If I open the message and resend it, the status is TBDL, next time I can see the receiver interface name under receiver interface name tab in Message Monitor but still the status is TBDL. If I resend that message again, it is delivered. I can't certainly do this process for one lakh messages.

Any idea?