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Dec 25, 2015 at 05:03 PM



Dear Experts,

Please we need your help in an issue related to ATP while goods issue to outbound delivery of STO, the issue is as following:

- First of all, our cycle starts with STO creation with availability check then release with automatic delivery creation and here is the allocation of the quantity "became reserved after delivery creation not STO creation"

- If we have two users created two STOs in the same storage location, the system propose same available quantity for both users during creation due to there is no STO released yet thus no delivery created "No allocation occurred".

- While release the STO the system will create delivery for both users with quantity requested, however, there is no available quantity for two users.

- Only one user can issue the quantity allocated and the second user cannot, and his delivery will be allocated on the whole plant level.

- No one can create STO/Sales order in any storage location if the quantity available in the requested storage location is less than the confirmed quantity on the plant level.

Some workarounds:

1- Delete the outbound delivery or adjust its quantity manually.

2- Test an enhancement to delete any delivery with quantity greater than ATP quantity.

In addition to that we are searching for standard solution to create the delivery with zero quantity if there is no enough ATP quantity, and please note that I tried to create the second outbound delivery manually and it's created with zero quantity but if it created automatically, the system create it with the requested quantity which means there is no availability check activated in the automatic creation.

So please guide us if you have any other recommended solution.