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Dec 26, 2015 at 12:21 AM

Oracle incremental backups taking as long as normal backups ?!?


Dear Experts,

we are running our SAP systems on oracle 11g, on Solaris zones.

Backups are being done through RMAN and stored on an EMC DataDomain.

Dynamic block change tracking is enabled in each DB.

We have recently switched our backup strategy for non-production systems

from Full backups each day to a level 0 backup once per week and incremental

backups each day. The DB size is about 500 GB. But there is something VERY


On the ERP DEV system, the incremental backups are about 14 GB in size,

and they take about 15-20 mins, which is OK.

On the QAS system and on another systems though, incremental backups

take absolutely the same time, as level 0 backups (6-7 hours), which is not

acceptable at all!!

Can you please advise, if there is something that can be done ot SAP/DB

level, in order to speed up those incremental backups, or we really have a

serious performance bottleneck in our storage subsystem ?

Many thanks in advance!