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Dec 25, 2015 at 07:09 AM

List Box mobile deselect all option?


Hi guys,

I'm using a List Box component for my mobile Design Studio application to enable multiple selection to filter a data source. This all works very well, and in the Mobile app the user can select multiple options from the list box by tapping. It is also possible to deselect options by tapping them again, at least until one selection remains. It seem like it is not possible to deselect all options.

Am I missing something here, or maybe a property somewhere has to be set? If I run the application in my Mac browser, I can just use CTRL-click to deselect everything. Just like I can use CTRL-click to make multiple selections.

Would be pretty nasty if the deselect all option isn't built in for mobile purposes, as I have to add another button to achieve this using a script... 🤯