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Dec 24, 2015 at 08:07 PM

Domain Migration of Primary Application Server


Hello Experts,

We are into the below requirement--

We need to migrate the domain of our Primary Application server and aadditional application server.Now our system landscape is as follows--

Heterogeneous Landscape on High Availability.

SCS, ERS and DB Instance are in RHEL 6.5 clustered environment.Our database is DB2.

PAS and AAS are in Windows 2008 R2 environment.No cluster.

Now the domain of the SCS/ERS/DB Instance will remain the same.No change is required.The domain migration is required only for the Primary and Additonal application server.

Our network team confimred that during domain migration there will be change in IP address.Hostname will remain the same.

I have checked the note 1233320.But as we are not migating the domain of the entire system therefore I am not very much sure whether I need to go for system rename or not.

Please suggest what can be the best option to support the above .

Best Regards,