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Dec 24, 2015 at 01:13 PM

Enable the "Enable Memory Analysis" on the Webi Processing Servers


Hi, when running the BI Platform Support Tool, we got alerts that we had to enable the "Enable Memory Analysis" on the Web Processing Servers. But we intentionally disabled this, as we saw it is not a good practice anymore in BI 4.x. See Ted Ueda's post in

Revisit the Sizing for your deployment of BI 4.x Web Intelligence Processing Servers!

Section "BI 4.1 - Do Not Enable Memory Analysis"

So for me this is confusing.

If the above mentioned SCN-Post is true, then maybe the BI Platform Support Tool must be adapted so it does not recommend anymore to enable this setting ?

Can anybody of the SAP-BI4 specialist give a final statement for this ?

Many thanks