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Dec 24, 2015 at 11:02 AM

REST Mashup


Hi Experts,

@Horst Schaude, @Alessandro Iannacci, Former Member @Vinodkumar Kommineni

I have created the REST Mashup when i executing it is throwing SERVICE_ID invalid. Below are the steps which i have followed for achieving the requirement.

Step 1: Creating of REST Mashup

Step 2:Entering the details of REST Mashup

In the above step if it has input parameters do i need to provide API key in all parameters or to the field which ask for API key.

From here i am stuck with this.

1. How do i make it to communicate it with target system. Is it required to create the communication system and communication arrangement. if yes where should i provide the details like service id ect of REST Mashup.

2. How to embedded it on the screen.

3. For R&D purpose i have executed it with the ABSL script. It throws the error in invalid service_id.

The above is first method which i followed but i din't achieve successes.So i tried alternate way.

Step 1: I have created External service integration with REST URL.

Step 2: Create Communication Arrangement and Communication System.

Step 3: Executed it with ABSL Code.

With this i am able to get the data successfully. But stuck up how to embedded REST API which has screen/display container.

Please help me how to create REST Mashup and can share your experience with REST API Mashup.




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