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Feb 16, 2006 at 04:58 PM

Activation problem



I am having problem in activating my activities.

The situation is - I have three activities :

1) Activity one

- checked in - not activated - having DC1 files

2) Activity two

- checked in - not activated - having DC2 files

3) Activity three

- checked in - not activated - having DC1 files

DC1(Java library) is used by DC2(EJB module)

In Activity one there is a file( which is used by DC2.

After checking in Activity one

In the same file( method name was changed and the change request was attached to Activity two

eg: the method "methodA" was changed to "methodB"

The activation request followed by me is:

1) Activate activity one - activated succesfully, auto deployed

2) Activate activity three - activated succesfully, auto deployed

3) Activate activity two - error


Error is :

/usr/sap/J2E/JC00/j2ee/cluster/server0/temp/CBS/29/.B/192/DCs/ cannot resolve symbol

symbol : method methodA ()

location: class com.apl.erec.dto.EmpDetailsDTO



I could try using "activate even if build fails", but what effect it would have on the DC's. What do you mean by broken components

The activities here were not activated in the proper sequence, so what is the solution for this.

Thank you