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Dec 23, 2015 at 04:53 AM

Key is empty when passing to external association service


Dear Expert,

I have problem with passing the key to external association service.

For example,

I have 2 service and create external association and navigation properties by following this guide Fiori Extension - Reuse OData/UI components - Part 1

i have successfully linked services as picture below.

and no error in target service.

When I debug abap code in target system. The parameter it_key_tab should pass key (SalesOrganization , Distribution Channel , Division , ProductID , CustomerNo) from source service but it's always empty. Have I missed something?

Thank you.


1450845201247.jpg (233.8 kB)
1450845598130.jpg (76.9 kB)
1450845840012.jpg (112.9 kB)
1450846270557.jpg (184.7 kB)