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Dec 22, 2015 at 04:49 PM

Side Effect of Note 1028482 - Issues in SC Screen


Hi All,

After implementing SAP Note 1028482 we are facing below issue:

1. When user try to create SC from Old Purchase Order and Template using BBPSC01 then user is unable to expand the details of the old SCs:

System gets hanged & user is unable to add line item. Screen details: bbpsc01/99/saplbbp_sc_ui_its_1000.html

But when user try by using BBPSC02, it works.

After reverting changes of Note, we are facing another issue. While checking SC status, system do not display details on Follow-on Document section:

Kindly suggest pointer to analyze the issue or resolve it.

Thanks in Advance.


Kamlesh S.


Old.JPG (64.3 kB)
Follow.JPG (25.6 kB)