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WebI report after exporting to excel 'font' varies between R3 and R4

Hi All,

I have a webI report in R3 system and the same webI report we are using in R4 system too.

The below issue is only in R4 , it is working fine in R3 systems.

Issue in R4 System ::

In webI rich client ,the default webI report layout font is 'Arial 9' but when we export the same to excel ,the font is showing as 'Arial Unicode' ....

User is asking me 'Is there any bug in Excel for R4 system ?'

Version : 4.1 SP06 Patch1

Please do the needful , whether it's a known issue/bug or Do we need to change any parameter settings ?



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  • Regarding this issue , we received two updates from user as below,

    Update 1::

    I can tell you that Arial Unicode 9 is NOT the same size as Arial 9 – our information does not fit well when exported to Excel in the Arial Unicode 9 font – I know I have tried other fonts in Business Objects and they export without being changed – not sure why Arial 9 is different and also why it was not an issue until we went to R 4???

    Update 2::

    I just did a test and changed one small area of a report from Arial 9 to Helvetica 9 and when it exported to Excel – that area was acceptable. Of interest – when I looked at the area that it was exported as – it stated Arial 9.

    I also see a default item at the very bottom for selection – so does that mean there is some type of issue in how the fonts are coded when they are exported???

    If not – and we need to change the font in our reports – suggest they be updated to Helvetica 9 as when it exports – it goes to Arial 9 (which is the desired font).


    Could any one suggest the reason behind ?

  • share the webi report screenshot where font is showing Arial and after export Arial unicode.

    have you tried from your system to import report in rich client and export in excel and see?

  • It's comes under security violation .
    I can't share the screen shot .

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1 Answer

  • Feb 07, 2017 at 04:42 PM


    Check if R4 system has Arial font available.

    \SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\win64_x64\fonts\fontalias.xml

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    • Thanks Jyothi,

      One clarification about your statement " when you changed font in R4 to Helvetica 9 and after exporting to excel it is considered as Arial 9?"

      Basically default webI report font is Arial 9 only and when user exported the same to excel ,it is showing as Arial Unicode .

      Later user tried with few cases , user changed the font to Helvetica 9 and after exporting to excel it is considered as Arial 9 only.

      My query is when user changed font to Helvetica 9 , in excel it is showing as Arial 9 only , so why do we check the Arial font at server side system ? Arial 9 font is showing