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Dec 22, 2015 at 03:53 AM

PI Sheets....!!


Hello Experts,

I have a requirement from Pharma client to implement PI sheets,I am working from last few days on it and trying to build up concept of this functionality provided by SAP.

I have already referred many documents on this topic shared by experts on this forum.

A Beginner's Guide To PI sheets

Configuration document-PI Sheet

Process Instruction (PI) Sheet

Process Instruction Sheets (PI Sheets) - Process Management (PP-PI-PMA) - SAP Library

SAP PPPI - Process Management - Process Instructions and Process Messages - SAPs'WORD - We SAP For Your Cause

With the help of these documents somehow i managed to understand about this topic.

But still i found that there are missing linkages in configuration ,the output i am getting is not as i have seen in all documents.

One more doubt is there, Are PI sheets linked to X-steps?? and if yes, how to integrate this with PI sheets??

Please through some light on this topic or share some other documents where this functionality has been used.


Amit Sharma