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Dec 19, 2015 at 04:45 PM

Wrong IT Block depreciation


Hi All,

First of all thanks for my previous post which I have resolved with the tips given by participants.

Need your advise since I am doing one implementation and as per IT block concept I have configured the IT configuration.

The only issue I am facing is I am uploading the asset block value let says 1000000 on 01.04.2015 @10% = 10000

In this case system is calculating the 100% depreciation for assets used for more than 180 days. but when I am updating the acquisition for assets which are having 50% depreciation system is still calculating the full depreciation. system should calculate 50% depreciation in this case but it not the case.

doing asset adjustment for 20000 on 10.12.2015 @ 10% still system is calculating 3000 (full depreciation), it should calculate 1500 depreciation.

I can see that I have configured the IT depreciation here I have mentioned period 6 for October to march. I have no idea what should be the reason for this.

I have activated the business function as given in the SAP note: 738919 and did the configuration as given in the note, still I am facing the same issue.

Can you guide me what can e the reason for this so that I can resolve this issue.

Thanks again for all the guidance and support.