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Dec 18, 2015 at 08:51 PM

SAP Analysis for office: Filter not working after callback on re-display



I have am having a strange issue with the filter component in analysis for office.

I have a standard filter component that I used to filter measures in 2 queries.

To adjust the layout based on filtering input, a code is executed to hide/show some rows in the workbook.

The code is found a callback on re-display macro that is registered at initialization of the workbook and called every-time if the filter is used.

The issue is that the filter component is rendered useless after i use it the first time (and the callback code is called).

I cannot filter anymore since the filter was converted in some basic text. I have removed the callback code and it worked fine again.

However, the callback code is crucial to this workbook, so I cannot do without.

The issue does not seem to be with the content of the macro since I have tried other dummy codes on callback, the issue persists.

Since this is a standard component, the callback on re-display coding is the only option I have seen to trigger an action when a filter is chosen.

Can anybody advise?