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Dec 18, 2015 at 04:20 PM

Long Text in SAP BW



in SAP: Texts are stored as follows. In SAP there is a query where user enter the notes and when it store in a table, it stores I think around 72 characters on each row and extra CHAR moved to next row with new Rec Num (increase depends on length of Char).

Item Num Rec Num Note Created on

1 1 This item number is related to something....... 6/12/2015 1 2 that is not for user ............................. 6/12/2015 1 3 but for someone else..... 6/12/2015

In BW 7.3: I would like to combine all 3 rows into one as shown below with 3 columns only

Item Num Note Created on 1 This item is related to something that is not for user but for someone else........(Over 250 Char) 6/12/2015