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Dec 18, 2015 at 11:39 AM

Are these features available in SAP PI?


Dear Experts,

One of the clients is evaluating SAP PI 4.7 dual stack and IBM IIB.

He has some queries which he has asked me .I am not sure about some points 😊 so want your inputs on the following queries .

(a) Business Process modeling with SOA architecture using notation with BPEL (business process execution language)

(b) Data store and forward logic – very relevant for e com, CRM and Digital products

(c) Complex communication without standard APIs – where file format at different and uses conversion with site certifciate

(d) JMS – Java based messaging services using POJO (Plain old java object)

(e) Servlet based message queue interface

(f) Data packet restore when application, web service and network fails

(g) Data du-dupe check

(h) SSL for authentication, message integrity checking and encryption over data sent on IP.

(j) Clustering for dynamically distributed messaging workload across resource.

I think a) refers to BPM requirement and d)is for JMS requirement but not sure if it supports POJO and h)is possible .