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Dec 18, 2015 at 07:07 AM

Problem with COMMIT WORK in custom transaction while using BDC call transaction



I m developing the program to update data with custom transaction ZV** for this I m using BDC call transaction method, Custom transaction was developed by some programmer long back and this is being using by the customer without any issue, programmer who has developed this custom transaction has used lot of COMMIT WORK in his programming. for ex: at beginning of this custom tcode, there was some custom table is being updated so programmer had used COMMIT WORK in that instance instead using after completing all the process.

So Now I m facing problem with this COMMIT WORK in his program affecting my BDC call transaction, what is happening is when I execute my program which calls this custom tcode, immediately after executing the first COMMIT, cursor totally coming of that custom tcode and skipping rest of the process to execute.

Did any one has idea how this type of situation can be handled.

Thanks in advance for your replies....